I built myself a darkroom sink (LINK) a while ago but It wasn’t connected with water until recently. Finally got a plumber in the container to help me out. Because containers may be transported to another location in the future the water system has to be easy to detach and mounted on the surface. Plumber did the work accordingly. At the end there were two workers that arrived early in the morning and worked for around 2h. The whole installation was quite complicated with most of the things in place already there was not much room to work. I rushed things a bit when I had time but now I would definitely wait for the plumber to do the work first before setting up the sink and save him the trouble.

I have the main hose running underneath the container (part 1 LINK) and entering the container at the end. They had to instal a valve first and then wire the hose to the two faucets and water heater. At this point there was a problem with the water heather. I didn’t know there are two different types: an instantaneous and a pressure water heater. I bought an instantaneous one so I had to unscrew it down and rush to the hardware store and get a pressure one. I made it at the end and bought a water heater with 10l capacity. It is not much but plenty for the hot water I will need. It also warms it up quite quickly and I was able to instal it just above the sink.

They installed insulated pipes to prevent the condensation and protect them from the harsh Slovenian winter. Everything was installed on the surface which meant lots of screwing into the aluminium walls. It would be a nightmare If we wouldn’t use countersink screws. I unfortunately had to go to work and leave them working alone so I was just praying they will not punch a hole thru the container 😀 When I got back in the evening the first thing I did I went into the container to check what they did. I was pleased to see that everything was perfectly working. The next day I also had to wire an outlet closer to the water heater so I was able to plug it in and run it. Water was warm in a few minutes and it felt great! My dream darkroom is slowly starting to come together. Next thing I did was develop a glass dry plate I shot during my hike in the Pekel Canyon (everything is documented in the video also developing part). What can I say? Water is running, things are developing, I can start working and creating….!

Now I could also fill in a hole on the floor where the water pipes enter the container. I used some masking tape and filled it with propane foam.There are still a few things that need to be done. Next thing I will do is install a lightbox on the door fans and light seal the doors:)

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