Custom Zebra Wet Plate Holder V2

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Introducing the Custom Zebra Wet Plate Holder V2, the ultimate solution tailored to your specific plate & camera dimensions. Packed with new features and improvements based on your valuable feedback, this modern interpretation of traditional wet plate holders sets a new standard in convenience and functionality. With its ultra-lightweight, compact design and super convenient magnetic back loading system, the Zebra Wet Plate Holder V2 is the ideal companion for shooting Wet Plates, Tintypes, Ambrotypes, and more.

Important: To begin building your custom Zebra Wet Plate Holder, please ensure that you fill in all the required fields below accurately. These details are essential for us to create a holder that perfectly fits your plate size and meets your specifications.

Remember, the price of the holder itself will be calculated based on your specific plate size and customization requirements. Providing precise information will enable us to provide an accurate quote and ensure that the final product is tailored to your needs.

Please note that the maximum plate size we accept for customization is 356x356mm (14×14) inches and minimum 50x50mm. If your plates exceed this size, please contact us directly to discuss alternative options.

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Key Features: 

Magnetic Back Loading System

  • Magnetic back loading system enables super simple handling!
  • Magnets are now hidden and glued in with epoxy to completely protect them from corrosion by AgNO3.
  • One-handed loading & unloading even in complete darkness.
  • Super simple to clean with water or isopropyl alcohol.

Ultra Light Weight & Compact Design

  • Super light weight. For example, the 8×10 version weighs only 440g!
  • Carbon fiber darkslides that have much less flex and do not sag.
  • Compact design that protects the slider from breaking.
  • Exposed/Unexposed Indicators on the body and the slider to prevent failed exposures.
  • Built following your plate dimensions.

Adjustable Magnetic Springs

  • Now the springs are magnetic as well!
  • You can add more or use less depending on your plate size and thickness.
  • You can reposition them to different slots on the lid and apply the pressure right where needed, which is super useful especially if using reduction frames.
  • They are easily replaceable in case of an accident.

Fully customizable

  • Fully customizable to match your plate dimensions.
  • We also offer custom text on the frame as well as the lid of the holder.
  • We can even make custom reduction frames for it!

To conclude Custom Zebra Wet Plate Holder V2 is meticulously crafted to fit your camera and plate dimensions. Each holder is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Experience superior craftsmanship and seamless integration with your workflow. Capture extraordinary images with confidence and precision. Choose the Custom Zebra Wet Plate Holder V2 and unleash your artistic vision.

Weight 0.02 g / sq mm
Product type Wet Plate Holder