Zebra Kallitype Printing Kit (100ml)

Explore the exquisite art of alternative photography with the Zebra Kallitype Kit, a meticulously crafted set designed to immerse you in the world of historical photographic techniques. Perfect for artists, photographers, hobbyists, and educators, this kit offers a gateway to mastering the kallitype process, celebrated for its stunning tonal range and archival quality.

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Zebra Dry Plates

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Kallitype Printing




Unveiling the Past: The History of Kallitype Printing The kallitype process, invented in the 19th century by Dr. W. W. J. Nicol, is a lesser-known but highly esteemed photographic technique. Kallitype, also known as the “poor man’s platinum print,” involves coating paper with a ferric oxalate and silver nitrate solution, producing images with remarkable depth and detail. Unlike other processes of the time, kallitypes are known for their rich, warm tones and incredible stability, making them a favorite among photographers seeking both beauty and permanence.

In the early days of photography, kallitypes offered an affordable yet high-quality alternative to platinum prints. The process involves exposing the coated paper to UV light through a negative, followed by development, fixing, and toning to achieve the final image. This method allowed photographers to experiment with various tonal adjustments and created prints that could last for generations.


Reviving a Classic Technique: The Zebra Kallitype Print Kit

The Zebra Kallitype Kit brings this timeless technique into the modern era, equipping you with everything needed to produce your own kallitype masterpieces. Whether you’re capturing the nuances of a landscape, the character of a portrait, or the details of scientific documentation, this kit ensures you have the tools and guidance to succeed.


  • 50 ml Kallitype Sensitiser A (Silver Nitrate 10% Solution)

  • 50 ml Kallitype Sensitiser B (Ferric Oxalate 20% Solution)

  • 50 g EDTA Clearing Agent

  • 250 g Sodium Thiosulfate Fixer

  • 500ml Black Tone Developer (in powder form to make 500ml)

  • 2x 3ml pipette

  • In detail User Manual (English)


Rediscover the beauty of historical photography with the Zebra Kallitype Kit. Immerse yourself in the intricate and rewarding process of kallitype printing, and create images that are not only visually stunning but also steeped in the rich heritage of early photographic art.


*Zebra Kallitype Printing Kit User Manual right HERE.


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