Hey guys its been quite a while since I last gave you updates on my shipping container darkroom. For those of you who are new to my Blog I have built my dream darkroom all by myself inside a 2,5x6m shipping container from the electricity to darkroom sink. I have been using it for well over a year now and it became my studio where I produce Zebra products, film videos, design new things... The container is separated into two part light-room and darkroom. The light part of the container has a big window that...

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Getting soaked in a Mystical foggy forest with Kodak Brownie No.3A

The last week after all the snow has melted has been extremely foggy and rainy. I live very close to the forest and enjoying its peacefulness by long walks is part of my daily routine. I admire nature and learn something from it every day. It just amazes me how complex and yet genius it is. Everything is connected and working in complete harmony just like the finest swiss clock. Specially trees are the ones that seem so static and not doing much. But remember nature is extremely dynamic, always on the move!

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Why I Love Large Format Photography & Alternative Processes?

I am asked this question often, especially being 25 years old. People often don't understand why I would enjoy techniques and cameras made well before my time. The ones who know me can tell you that I am in love with nature and everything connected with it. Besides that it relaxes me completely, learns me every day and makes me happy it also artistically inspires me. When I got my first camera at 16 which was a DSLR Pentax K-m I did not take portraits, I did not shoot street but I went straight into the woods behind...

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Recently I often ask myself when will the container darkroom be finished? To be honest I don't know if you can ever be finished designing your dream working space. In the last few weeks there were many things I fixed or installed. The most important one was for sure finally finishing up the LED safe lights. I started by stripping them off from the shelf completely, cut them to the length and solder them back together. I had quite a bit of troubles with that as I have not soldered in a while and it was hard to...

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FINALLY STARTED TO USE IT! / Container Darkroom part 11

So stoked to inform you that my container darkroom is finally ready to start printing, coating, creating… I was away for two weeks and had many things going on in the last week after I returned back home from a holiday in Greece. First off all I had to develop two plates I shot during the trip and edit everything into a video.  Part one is already uploaded so make sure to check it out and Subscribe to catch the next one!

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LIGHTS UPDATE + ROOF CLEANING / Container Darkroom part 10

There are more and more of you reading my blogs and watching my videos on YouTube channel and I am beyond grateful if I was able to help you in any way. I am finally starting to form a group of creative individuals who are interested in similar topics like me. We are helping each other and growing together so thank you again Back to the Container Darkroom. There is less and less work that needs to be done until I will be able to say I am finished. At this point there are mostly...

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I built myself a darkroom sink (LINK) a while ago but It wasn't connected with water until recently. Finally got a plumber in the container to help me out. Because containers may be transported to another location in the future the water system has to be easy to detach and mounted on the surface. Plumber did the work accordingly. At the end there were two workers that arrived early in the morning and worked for around 2h. The whole installation was quite complicated with most of the things in place already there was not much room to work....

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LED SAFE LIGHTS INSTALLATION + TEST/ Container Darkroom part 8

At the moment I have a simple red light bulb from Dr. Fischer installed on the ceiling which is pretty dim and radiates a lot of heat so I started looking for alternatives. I am aware that there are special led safelights that are sold for 200eur + a piece and I just can not afford it. If you didn’t know the best red safelights reach peak wavelength at around 620-630 nm. If they are in this range they are suitable for use in the darkroom without fogging the bw photographic material. Safelight is usually made from an...

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SOLVING THE HEAT PROBLEM / Container Darkroom part 7

Container is looking more and more like a darkroom. I have done quite a lot of work  inside lately especially wiring which was exhausting. I really respect all the people in the construction industry after the work I have done. Container without AC is like a greenhouse reaching up to 35 °C (90°F) and pulling cables through the wall and mounting them is like working in hell. So my main focus now was how to cool everything down. As the winters can be quite cold here in Slovenia the best solution for me was to get an AC....

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INSTALLING SHELVES, CABINETS… / Container Darkroom part 6

So happy that things are slowly starting to come together. Container looks more and more like an actual darkroom. The sink is just waiting for the plumber to connect everything and there is still so much work to do. I had to instal cabinets and shelves for storage so there was some designing ahead of me again. I knew that for sure I wanted to have a counter on one side of the sink where I will be able to coat dry plates, paper, etc. and potentially install an enlarger in the future. I like to have a...

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