Large Format Landscape Photography in Pouring Rain

Two weeks ago I launched commercially available hand coated 4x5 glass dry plates meaning I spent a lot of time in my shipping container darkroom producing, packing and sending them all around the world. It's an incredible honor to be able to bring some history back and produce light sensitive materials that others can make images with. If you would like to try them out they are available in my Store. I really love doing it but I also love to be out in the field and explore the nature. It has been a while since I packed...

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Getting soaked in a Mystical foggy forest with Kodak Brownie No.3A

The last week after all the snow has melted has been extremely foggy and rainy. I live very close to the forest and enjoying its peacefulness by long walks is part of my daily routine. I admire nature and learn something from it every day. It just amazes me how complex and yet genius it is. Everything is connected and working in complete harmony just like the finest swiss clock. Specially trees are the ones that seem so static and not doing much. But remember nature is extremely dynamic, always on the move!

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Exploring the Canyon with Large Format Camera

What a great time I had exploring the Pekel Canyon in central Slovenia with my 4x5 camera and hand coated glass dry-plates. It was a cloudy day just calling for some long exposures. I packed my 4x5 Intrepid camera + holders filled with hand-coated glass dry-plates and headed for an adventure. I hiked along the waterfalls of Pekel Canyon in the hearth of Slovenia. Made an exposure and developed it in my Container Darkroom. Along the way I also filmed everything for you :)

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