Plate Photography Connects People: World Wet Plate Photography Day 2024 at Peter’s Place

Hello Zebra Family, another year, another opportunity to meet good friends and share our passion for photography. As always, I was there with Dry Plates to "ruin the party." 😄 Jokes aside, I always look forward to this day because it gives me a rare opportunity to take a shot or two myself, which has become increasingly rare given all the work in the workshop. In my bag, I packed some Zebra Standard Dry Plates, a holder, an Ondu 4x5 Pinhole...

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New Zebra Dry Plates

Zebra Dry Plates just got Upgraded!

 Hello Zebra Family,  It's been a while since my last chat with you as you are keeping me unbelievably busy all the time. My main moto in the last few months has been work more sleep less :D Joke to the side I can not complain about how the Zebra brand has been growing lately becoming more and more recognizable in our analog community. I am very happy that Zebra products are now known for their quality but there is always room to improve things. Besides...

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Can Dry Plates be developed with Pyro?

When we talk about Pyro developers it always seems like this is a relatively new and modern invention but that is far from being true. Pyrogallol developer is actually the oldest B&W developer that was widely used in the 19th century but went completely off the radar in the 20th century. It slowly made its proper comeback in the last few years. Back in the 19th century Pyro was the developer of choice by the majority of Dry Plate photographers so I have decided to give it a try.

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Salt print tutorial – using Zebra Dry Plates

I love working with alternative printing processes as they only need a few ingredients to work and are perfect for those who would like to learn the very basics of recording the light. One of the first alternative printing processes used for turning negatives to positive prints was Salt print invented in the mid 1830s by Henry Fox Talbot. He used to soak plain writing paper first in a weak solution of ordinary table salt and then in strong silver solution. This way he got a light sensitive sheet of paper that darkened when...

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How to reuse Zebra Dry Plates

If you shoot analog on a regular basis you know how much film gets wasted due to experimenting, failed exposures and so on. In a very short time you are left with a stack of unusable film. I have the exact same problem with dry plates and because nature already has enough weist on its shoulders I would like to show you how dry plates or even modern film can be recoated and reused. Types of...

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