Zebra Van Dyke Brown Printing Kit (100ml)

Embark on a journey through photographic history with the Van Dyke Brown Printing Kit, a comprehensive set designed to bring the magic of 19th-century photography into your creative practice. Whether you’re an artist, photographer, hobbyist, or educator, this kit offers a unique opportunity to explore one of the earliest and most beautiful photographic processes.

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A Glimpse into the Past: The History of Van Dyke Brown Printing The Van Dyke Brown process, named after the Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck, was developed in the late 19th century. This technique involves coating paper with a solution of ferric ammonium citrate, tartaric acid, and silver nitrate, resulting in a light-sensitive surface. When exposed to UV light through a negative, the treated paper produces deep brown images with remarkable detail and warmth.

Van Dyke Brown printing emerged as an accessible and cost-effective alternative to other photographic processes of the time. Its popularity grew due to the beautiful, antique-like quality of the prints and the relative ease of the process. The rich, chocolate-brown tones and fine details made it a preferred method for portraiture, landscapes, and artistic expression.

Reviving a Classic Technique: The Zebra Van Dyke Brown Kit The Zebra Van Dyke Brown Kit brings this historical technique into the modern era, providing you with all the essential materials and knowledge needed to create your own Van Dyke Brown masterpieces. Whether capturing the nuances of a landscape, the character of a portrait, or the intricate details of an object, this kit ensures you have the tools and guidance to succeed.


  • 100 ml Van Dyke Brown working solution
  • 250 g Sodium Thiosulfate Fixer
  • 1x 3ml Pipettes
  • Detailed User Manual (English)

Rediscover the beauty of historical photography with the Zebra Van Dyke Brown Kit. Immerse yourself in the rich and rewarding process of Van Dyke Brown printing, and create images that are not only visually stunning but also steeped in the rich heritage of early photographic art.

*Zebra Van Dyke Brown Printing Kit User Manual right HERE.


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