Getting soaked in a Mystical foggy forest with Kodak Brownie No.3A


The last week after all the snow has melted has been extremely foggy and rainy. I live very close to the forest and enjoying its peacefulness by long walks is part of my daily routine. I admire nature and learn something from it every day. It just amazes me how complex and yet genius it is. Everything is connected and working in complete harmony just like the finest swiss clock. Specially trees are the ones that seem so static and not doing much. But remember nature is extremely dynamic, always on the move!

My interest towards trees brought me to this book – The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – and walking through the woods was never the same again! Peter Wohlleben is a former forester and has been observing trees for years. He came to the conclusion that they are much more intelligent than we might think. Even though they are battling for every sun ray they are always connected with the underground network system (mycelium) as well as with chemicals they release in the air. This way they help each other with nutrients and send warnings in case of danger. I am just listing a few interesting findings from this book but if you are a nature lover this is a must read!

Let’s get back to my forest walks. I was observing this fog during the last few waks and found it so mystical. I knew if ever now is the time to start my new project that will celebrate forest by documenting unique and interesting trees. Close to my home there is a beautiful forest full of tall pines which are beautiful on its own but every now and then you can also find an oak. These oaks are spreading their unbelievably twisted branches wide just like the thunder. They are loners symbolising power and endurance because among the tall pines they have to battle all their life for light and nutrients.

Even though many wouldn’t even bother going out in this kind of weather I knew I could take advantage of the fog. I waited for the rain to calm down a bit, packed my 100 year old Kodak Brownie No.3a camera loaded with 10x16cm (4×6,3 inch) hand coated glass dry-plates and wandered into the woods. My main goal was to find one of those twisted oaks and make a shot. It sounds easy right? After quite a bit of walking I found a beautiful small twisted oak that was just seeking my attention. But the main problem I had was how to separate the tree from the background and at this point is where the fog came in handy for me. By the time I found the right perspective and got everything set up fog just vanished and rain started to kick in. At least I didn’t have to care too much for my camera being weathersealed 😀 I decided to find a different motive and revisit the tree on another day. But when I started walking down the hill I noticed that behind my back fog was moving back in so I rushed back…

If you are interested in how this adventure ended check out the video I made from the field & the darkroom. Enjoy!

Forest Panorama using Dry-plates & Antique Kodak Brownie 3A | Large Format Landscape Photography

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