Zebra Glass Dry Plates

Zebra Glass Dry Plates

Zebra Wet Plate Holder V2

Upgrade your Wet Plate Photography with the Zebra
Wet Plate Holder V2. Ultra-light, one-handed operation,
and great compatibility for a effortless shooting experience.

Zebra Dry Plate Tintypes

Unleash the Magic of one of a kind direct positive on a tin
plate that can be achieved using Zebra Dry Plate
Tintypes which are available in all standard formats!

Zebra Dual Dry Plate Holder V2

Introducing Zebra's 4×5 Dual Dry Plate Holder V2 – compact,
lightweight, and expertly crafted for superior plate
photography. Ideal for Zebra Glass & Tintype Dry Plates.

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