Primer 10×12 | 12×12 Camera

Introducing our eagerly anticipated Primer 10×12|12×12 Camera, a collaboration born from the mastery of craftsmanship and photographic insight of our esteemed partner, Peter Skrlep. Together, we proudly present a new pinnacle in large format photography with our 10×12|12×12 Primer Camera and accompanying Special Zebra Equipment such as Holders & Plates.




Extend your camera by another 250mm or more

PERSONALISE (custom engraving)

(on the lens board, focusing screen, back standard & leather strap)

Product price: 4.270,00  inc. 22% VAT
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We are shipping the camera worldwide with insured DHL EXPRESS!

Current processing time

Cameras are being manufactured in larger batches a few times per year.

Congratulations! You’re in luck to catch the current series of cameras being produced. Place your order now, and expect a processing time to be around 20-30 days as the series is already underway. Rest assured, you will be notified about the progress and status of your order thru email.

Product details

Product type

Large Format Camera


10X12 / 12X12


Teak Wood

Outer dimensions

380×380 (435mm with knobs) x 135mm

Camera Weight



  • Weight: 5,7 kg
  • Dimensions: 380×380 (435mm with knobs) x 135mm
  • Wood: Teak
  • Lensboard: 169x169x3mm
  • Removable, custom made bellows.
  • Bellows extension: 100-900mm, (65mm, tilted base and standards for 25°)
  • Back: Interchangeable, 10×12 or 12×12, 360°
  • Tripod mount: 3/8” 1x and 1/4″ 3x
  • Holders: Compatibility with all commercial Zebra 10×12 & Zebra 12×12 equipment
  • Mechanisms: aluminum
  • Rise: 88 mm
  • Fall: 68 mm
  • Shift: +/- 35 mm
  • Swing: +/- 58°
  • Tilt forwards: 25°
  • Tilt backward: Limited by bellows
  • Rise: None
  • Fall: None
  • Shift: None
  • Swing: +/- 10°
  • Tilt forwards: Limited by bellows
  • Tilt backward: 25°
  • Primer 10×12|12×12 Camera Set: The comprehensive set includes a vertical/horizontal back (10×12, 12×12, or combo), a focusing screen with a grid, focusing screen protection, and a lens board – offering everything you need for a seamless photography experience.

1. Exceptional Durability:

Crafted from the finest repurposed teak wood, the Primer camera stands as a heavyweight in durability. Engineered to last a lifetime, it becomes your unwavering artistic companion throughout every photographic journey.

2. Clean and Elegant Design:

Embracing simplicity and elegance, Primer 10x12|12x12 camera feature a clean design, free from redundant elements. Each component, from wood particles to rails, screws, and buttons, is meticulously designed for both functionality and aesthetics.


3. Innovative Solutions:

While rooted in time-tested design principles, Primer cameras integrate innovative features. A groundbreaking collaboration with Zebra Dry plates introduces a seamlessly fitting square holder, requiring no adjustments. The custom screw-focus mechanism and tracks enable infinitely precise movements.

4. Versatile Plate Compatibility:

The Primer 8x10|10x10 camera supports both 10x10 inch plates on the 8x10 camera and 12x12 inch plates on the 10x12 camera. This is made possible by the introduction of new standard holders for square plates in partnership with Zebra.

5. Heavy Lens Support:

Engineered to effortlessly accommodate heavy lenses, the Primer camera can bear the weight of lenses exceeding 5 kg. The 169x169mm lens plate provides a stable foundation for your photographic equipment.



6. German Precision:

Leveraging top-quality German linear guides and rails, Primer cameras ensure smooth and precise movements, guaranteeing a seamless photography experience.


7. Intuitive Operation:

 Beyond durability and design, the Primer camera is designed for intuitive use. With all movements facilitated, except back standard shift and rise/fall, photographers enjoy a user-friendly interface that enhances their creative process.

8. Perfect Match with Zebra Products:

The camera was designed in partnership with the Zebra brand, featuring specially designed Holders and Glass Dry Plates to ensure seamless compatibility.



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