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Zebra New Cyanotype Sensitiser (100ml)

Introducing the Zebra New Cyanotype Sensitiser – a modern twist on the classic photographic printing process invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842. While the traditional cyanotype had its limitations, the New Cyanotype, developed by Mike Ware in 1995, revolutionises the art with enhanced quality and user-friendly features. This updated version features a convenient ready to use single-bottle sensitiser with an extended shelf life, minimal UV exposure requirements, a stable Prussian blue pigment, an enhanced tonal scale, and adaptability to various surfaces! 

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Gone are the days of inconsistent chemicals and short-lived sensitisers. This Zebra New Cyanotype Sensitiser is based on Mike Ware formula and comes in a convenient 100ml dark bottle together with a measuring pipette, gloves & instructions.  It has extended shelf-life, making it hassle-free and long-lasting. With a quick UV exposure, this process produces stable Prussian blue pigment images on a matte paper surface, boasting a smoothly graduated tonal scale and vibrant colors.

Say goodbye to the drawbacks of wet-processing woes. The Zebra New Cyanotype Sensitiser offers a simple, non-critical wet-processing method that ensures your images retain its reach blues. The process also provides a remarkable degree of contrast control, allowing you to fine-tune your creative vision.

What’s more, the Zebra New Cyanotype Sensitiser is not just limited to paper – sensitiser can be applied to fabrics and various surfaces, expanding the possibilities of your artistic endeavours. Easily modify image colors with a variety of toning agents, and enjoy the flexibility this innovative formula brings to your creative process.


  • 1x  100ml of the Zebra New Cyanotype sensitiser
  • 1x  3ml Pipette
  • 1x plastic Gloves
  • 1x in detail User Manual

100ml of the sensitiser provided can produce approximately 50-70 8x10in prints using a road coating technique or 30-40 prints of the same size with a brush coating technique. The Zebra sensitiser is pretty concentrated so you can be make more dilute by adding up to 100ml of distilled water. This will make it print faster but yield a less intense blue.

Step into the world of Zebra New Cyanotype, where tradition meets modern convenience for a seamless and superior photographic printing experience. For further information on the process check out:

*Zebra New Cyanotype User Manual right HERE.

**For more details on how the New Cyanotype process came to be and how it works check out Mike Ware website right HERE.





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