Zebra 4×5 Dual Glass Dry Plate Holder


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Zebra 4×5 Dual glass Dry Plate holder is a modern take on a traditional glass plate holder. Its main advantage is that it can accept not just one but two glass dry plates at once. When shooting on glass the weight can add up quickly so being a landscape shooter I designed and selected the materials with one goal in mind: to keep it as light and slim as possible but yet compact. Besides the glass fibre dark slides and light traps this holder is entirely 3D printed using high temperature and impact resistant filament. So the total weight of the empty Zebra holder is only 180g! Each holder is entirely assembled by hand to assure maximum quality.

– Outer dimensions of the holder(LENGTH x WIDTH X THICKNESS): 172mm x 120mm x 17mm
– Very lightweight weighing only 180g.
– It can hold two glass dry plates or any other media that is not more than 2mm thick.
– Dimensioned following the ANSI/ISO standard meaning it is the same size as all the other sheet film holders from Toyo, Fidelity, etc. and there is no need to make any changes to the camera.
-Fits all 4×5 cameras with spring backs.
-Dark slides are made out of FR4 glass fibre material which is super light weight. Slides are equipped with ergonomic handles that are white on one and black on the other side. That helps you to indicate which side is loaded or which plate is exposed and unexposed.
-Plates can be loaded and unloaded very easily by tilting the holder sideways.
-Max size of the glass plate is 100x126mm meaning it is a perfect fit for Zebra 4×5 glass Dry Plates.


Weight 400 g
Product type Dry Plate Holder
Format 4×5" (max. 100x126mm)
Outer Dimensions
Max. Plate Thickness 2mm
Exposures 2

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Xavi Toral
Llegó bien

Llegó muy bien empaquetado y los portaplacas nivel 10. Excelente trabajo.

Félix Domecq

Zebra 4x5 Dual Glass Dry Plate Holder

Great fit & quality

Glass plate holders in good condition are very difficult to find in any size. These plate holders fit perfectly into the camera as well as the glass plate easily slid into the holder. There was no fogging from light leaking in. Essentially, they're perfect. I've already ordered two wet-plate holders and will use them and review them as soon as they arrive.

John Waller

Works great, so much so I’ve bought a second one

Excellent item

Neatly packed, prompt delivery. Great. Highly recommended.