Primer 8×10 | 10×10 Camera

Introducing our eagerly anticipated Primer 8×10|10×10 Camera, a collaboration born from the mastery of craftsmanship and photographic insight of our esteemed partner, Peter Skrlep. Together, we proudly present a new pinnacle in large format photography with our 8×10|10×10 Primer Camera and accompanying Special Zebra Equipment such as Holders & Plates.




Extend your camera by another 250mm or more

PERSONALISE (custom engraving)

(on the lens board, focusing screen, back standard & leather strap)

Product price: 3.416,00  inc. 22% VAT
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We are shipping the camera worldwide with insured DHL EXPRESS!

Current processing time

Cameras are being manufactured in larger batches a few times per year.

Congratulations! You’re in luck to catch the current series of cameras being produced. Place your order now, and expect a processing time to be around 20-30 days as the series is already underway. Rest assured, you will be notified about the progress and status of your order thru email.

Product details

Product type

Large Format Camera


8×10 / 10x10in


Teak Wood

Outer dimensions

320×320 (377mm with knobs) x 145mm

Camera Weight





  • Weight: 4.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 320×320 (377mm with knobs) x 145mm
  • Wood: Teak
  • Lensboard: 169x169x3mm
  • Removable, custom-made bellows.
  • Bellows extension: 100 – 720mm, (65mm, tilted base and standards for 25°)
  • Back: Interchangeable, 8×10, or 10×10, 360°
  • Tripod mount: 3/8” 1x and 1/4″ 3x
  • Holders: Compatibility with all commercial Zebra 8×10 & Zebra 10×10 equipment
  • Mechanisms: Aluminum
  • Rise: 88 mm
  • Fall: 68 mm
  • Shift: +/- 35 mm
  • Swing: +/- 58°
  • Tilt forwards: 25°
  • Tilt backward: Limited by bellows
  • Rise: None
  • Fall: None
  • Shift: None
  • Swing: +/- 10°
  • Tilt forwards: Limited by bellows
  • Tilt backward: 25°
  • Primer 8×10|10×10 Camera Set: The comprehensive set includes a vertical/horizontal back (8×10, 10×10, or combo), a focusing screen with a grid, focusing screen protection, and a lens board – offering everything you need for a seamless photography experience.

1. Exceptional Durability:

 Crafted from the finest repurposed teak wood, the Primer camera stands as a heavyweight in durability. Engineered to last a lifetime, it becomes your unwavering artistic companion throughout every photographic journey.

2. Clean and Elegant Design:

 Embracing simplicity and elegance, Primer cameras feature a clean design, free from redundant elements. Each component, from wood particles to rails, screws, and buttons, is meticulously designed for both functionality and aesthetics.

3. Innovative Solutions:

While rooted in time-tested design principles, Primer cameras integrate innovative features. A groundbreaking collaboration with Zebra Dry plates introduces a seamlessly fitting square holder, requiring no adjustments. The custom screw-focus mechanism and tracks enable infinitely precise movements.

4. Versatile Plate Compatibility:

 The Primer 8×10|10×10 camera supports both 10×10 inch plates on the 8×10 camera and 12×12 inch plates on the 10×12 camera. This is made possible by the introduction of new standard holders for square plates in partnership with Zebra.


5. Heavy Lens Support:

Engineered to effortlessly accommodate heavy lenses, the Primer camera can bear the weight of lenses exceeding 5 kg. The 169x169mm lens plate provides a stable foundation for your photographic equipment.



6. German Precision:

Leveraging top-quality German linear guides and rails, Primer cameras ensure smooth and precise movements, guaranteeing a seamless photography experience.


7. Intuitive Operation:

 Beyond durability and design, the Primer camera is designed for intuitive use. With all movements facilitated, except back standard shift and rise/fall, photographers enjoy a user-friendly interface that enhances their creative process.

8. Perfect Match with Zebra Products:

The camera was designed in partnership with the Zebra brand, featuring specially designed Holders and Glass Dry Plates to ensure seamless compatibility.



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