Zebra Standard 4×5 Dry Plates

Experience photography like never before with Standard Zebra 4×5 Glass Dry Plates. Handcrafted with precision, these plates feature ultra-fine grain silver gelatine emulsion for exceptional image quality and extreme resolution making every detail count. Perfect for alternative printing with moderate to high contrast, each box contains 10 4×5 plates, making Dry Plate photography an enjoyable and rewarding process. Standard Zebra 4×5 Glass Dry Plates recreate the nostalgic look of early 1880s photography, offering a unique and satisfying experience.

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Important notice

By 6.7.2022 all Zebra Dry Plates are coated with NEW more resilient Emulsion to prevent wrinkling and emulsion lift offs! 

Shipping and returns

We are shipping worldwide through DHL Express and National Post, ensuring fast & tracked shipping.

We focus on safely shipping glass plates worldwide. Our reliable packing system has sent out thousands without any breaks. For any rare instances of damage, contact us for swift replacement 😉

Processing time

Hand coated to order (Processing time 2-3 days)

Product details

Product type

Zebra Glass Dry Plate



Exact Plate Size


Film Base

2mm glass




Medium-High Contrast




Introducing Zebra 4x5 Standard Glass Dry Plates – Welcome to the New Dry Plate Era!

Embark on a photographic journey with Zebra 4x5 Standard Glass Dry Plates, a testament to the artistry and nostalgia of the Dry Plate Era. Having immersed myself in the captivating process for years, I've come to appreciate the rewarding and enjoyable nature of Dry Plate photography. Though it may seem daunting at first, the process becomes second nature with time, offering a unique connection to every detail and the sheer satisfaction of witnessing an image materialize before your eyes. 

The main advantage of Zebra 4x5 Standard Glass Dry Plates lies in the fine-grain emulsion, surpassing the resolution of any commercially available film. Combined with the fragile beauty of glass plates, a departure from the sturdiness of film or the digital realm, Zebra 4x5 Standard Glass Dry Plates offer a unique photographic experience. Holding an image on these heavy glass plates adds an ethereal quality, creating a tangible connection to the historical roots of photography. The delicacy of the glass plates imparts a sense of reverence for each captured moment, making the process not just about photography but also about preserving a piece of time on a tangible, fragile canvas.

Discover the charm of Zebra 4x5 Standard Glass Dry Plates and relive moments on fragile glass plates. Experience the magic, cherish delicate memories, and enjoy the craft of the Dry Plate Era in each picture!

Want to learn more?


Dive deeper into the art of Dry Plate photography with our resources designed to enhance your creative journey. Explore the intricacies through video tutorial on the left, guiding you on the optimal use of our Standard Zebra Glass Dry Plates. Underneeth, discover a wealth of knowledge with our comprehensive user manual and developing charts. Unleash your creativity by immersing yourself in the finer details, mastering the craft through visual guidance, and unlocking the full potential of your photographic endeavors. Elevate your skills and create with confidence.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Anthony Hobbs
Super products

All the Zebra products are beautifully made and just work perfectly. The Dry Plates are excellent and produced some wonderful images for me. I love the packaging, attention to detail, service and technical information from Zebra. I can't rate them highly enough. My first exposures were perfect and the developed plates are just beautiful objects compared to regular film. The only issue I had was with the dry plate adaptors for the Stearman tank, I found them to be a very tight fit which made getting the processed plates out of them a bit difficult.
I had perfect results with the Euro HC developer but looking forward to trying the Zone Imaging Pyro next. As Nejc as mentioned, lower contrast lighting seems to work best.
Shipping was very fast. Well done to everyone at Zebra Plates. The image is my first exposure on a Glass Plate. 8 secs @ f5.6 rated at ISO 4, processed in Euro HC.

Andrej Jerman
4x5 Zebra dry plates

Good quality and fast shipping.

Myrddin Irwin

Nejc has been super helpful with advice from which style of plate to choose, chemicals for development, and also looking to coat my own plates I'm the future. I thought it would be best to purchase some pre coated plates to ease myself into the process. I have to say they are very well made, packaging is excellent, and the included instructions make them very easy to taking some amazing images right away. Super happy with the results and has led me back on a journey with my trusty 5x4 camera that has sat in the loft for many years until now..

Gabor Dobrocsi
High quality and easy to usw

I really like the new design. Compare to the v1, less moving parts and it is still easier to load/unload. Since there is no door on the bottom less things can go wrong. The surfaces look and feel also nicer. I have only shot a few sheets with it, but so far I see it as a solid improvement over an already good holder.

Samuel Herndon
Samuel Herndon

I love them!! I’m so excited to start this journey, and zebra dry plates have been a great introduction!!