Recently I often ask myself when will the container darkroom be finished? To be honest I don’t know if you can ever be finished designing your dream working space. In the last few weeks there were many things I fixed or installed. The most important one was for sure finally finishing up the LED safe lights. I started by stripping them off from the shelf completely, cut them to the length and solder them back together. I had quite a bit of troubles with that as I have not soldered in a while and it was hard to get the solder in place 😀 After spending the whole afternoon I somehow managed to get it working and they look great. As I will be using them with many different more or less light sensitive materials I also needed to make them dimmer. I went for an aluminium channel with a milky plastic screen that now dimmes them down almost completely. Installation of this channel was easy as I just used some two sided tape and glued it to the bottom of the shelf. After stripping off the LED for the third time now I was afraid that the adhesive on the back would not work anymore. Fortunately the aluminium channels were just the right width that they fitted in snugly and there was no need to do anything else. Now I can finally say that I am finished with LED safe lights and they are working great!

Another bigger project I completed was the construction of a second working bench in the light part of the container. I don’t know if it’s just me but I always lack a flat working surface. That’s why I went on and bought a grey kitchen counter. I got it very cheap as it had a little scratch on one side but since I had to cut it short that did not really matter. Guys in the shop were very nice and even offered to cut it to length for me. I said yeah why not as it is always hard to get a clean cut with non professional tools I own. After I got back home I proceeded by making the support frame. On one side the counter will be screwed to the metal supporters attached to an already existing desk and on the other side I had to make a wooden frame. Again my budget is tight all the time so I just made the frame from some scrap wood that I found laying around and attached it to the counter with a few screws. This surface will serve as a computer desk where I will be able to edit new videos and design new things. 

This time everything also took a tiny bit longer as I was constantly filming myself. I decided for this step as many of you said you would love to see me working. Soo to conclude I invite you to watch the video I ended up making. Thanks for reading my blogs & watching my videos. Your support really motivates me to work even harder!

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