3D Printed Large Format Lens Storage Box


I am in large format photography for a few years now and the thing I struggled the most with was how to store my lenses. I often take my camera on backpacking trips which means I have to store them in my backpack somewhere. Most of the time I used soft leather lens pouches that were leftover from my digital Canon lenses. It surely protects the lens from surface damage like scratches but it does not provide a good enough protection of the lens elements (if I bump my backpack in a rock) or moving parts like aperture adjuster… Also If I was carrying more lenses with me I never knew in which pouch is the one I am looking for. There I was thinking of a solution.

I have been an owner of 3D printed for quite a while now. I am a creative person so there is always something going on in my head. If I have a solution or a design in my mind to simplify and improve things in my container darkroom I can just sketch it up and print it. Printer I am currently using is Creality Ender 5. It was sitting and waiting for me for a few months but now when my Container Darkroom is pretty much habitable I ran it again. Huh it is so nice to be able to get an idea into your hands just after a few hours. Anyway back to the Large Format Lens Storage Box.

I started with a few hand sketches first and then proceeded with designing in Fusion 360 software. I was designing the box specifically for my Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f8 mounted on an Intrepid Lens Board. I decided to go with a box design because it can also fit various other lenses + it can be stored quite effectively on a shelf or in a backpack. In a box I added a channel into which the lens board slides and keeps everything in place when I close the lid. Printing of the box alone took almost 15h and 3h for the lid. Final measurements of the box are

Outside dimensions of the Lens Storage Box

In cm: Width (10 cm), Length (10 cm), Height (10,6 cm)

In inch: Width (3,94 inch), Length (3,94 inch), Height (4,2 inch)

Inside dimensions of the Lens Storage Box

It fits a 9,5 x 9,8 cm lens board (3,74 x 3,86 inch)

Biggest lens it can fit (metering from the lens board) to the edge is 4cm(1,57 inch) one one and 4,5cm (1,77 inch) on the other side.

LARGE FORMAT LENS STORAGE BOX by contacting me directly or through my Etsy store

If you would like to print it out on your own or modify the design to your liking you can access the files here.

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