Zone Imaging 510 Pyro Developer

Introducing Zone Imaging 510 Pyro an award-winning premium pyro staining developer, honoured with the Silvergrain Classics Awards 2021.

Its unparalleled capacity for capturing a broad tonal range extends to both shadows and highlights making it ideal for developing UV sensitive materials like  Standard Zebra Dry Plates!

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Zone Imaging

Chemical Process

Dry Plate Negative


Makes 10l


This exceptional developer delivers razor-sharp results with an incredibly fine grain structure. In fact, it eliminates grain entirely when used with very fine grain emulsions on Dry Plates, and the same applies to most ISO 100 films. Its unparalleled capacity for capturing a broad tonal range extends to both shadows and highlights, making it ideal for developing UV sensitive materials like Zebra Dry Plates. With a 100ml bottle, you can develop an impressive range of 50 4×5 Zebra Standard Glass Dry Plates. Plus, its remarkable shelf life exceeds six years, ensuring long-lasting usability. Not only does this developer protect your plates from damage, but it also imparts unique qualities to your negatives, optimizing them for scanning, silver gelatine, and UV printing processes. And the best part? It accomplishes all this within the same development time.

Discover the ultimate in quality and versatility with this premium Zone Imaging 510 Pyro Developer. It is specially designed to enhance your photography and take your images to the next level.

*Important, an acidic stop bath and hypo clear must not be used with 510 Pyro developed negatives as they destroy the stain! A water stop bath is instead recommended.

** The Zone Imaging 510 Pyro developer comes with a dosing syringe for the high dilution. For detailed usage instructions, click HERE.

***DEVELOPING CHART for Standard Zebra Glass Dry Plates is available right HERE


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Very good with tinypes

I liked the fact that when developing tintypes with this developer the plate does not need a strong light source to be viewed. It has a good contrast even under dim light. Also, pyro brings a beautiful warm (yellowish) tint.