Zebra SP-445 Dry Plate Adapter for 4×5 Plates

Would you like to shoot Dry Plates but dont have a Darkroom?
No problem I got you covered with the new Zebra 4×5 Dry Plate Adapter For SP-445 Developing Tank. They are printed in high definition with PETG and are very simple to use. All you need to do is turn off the lights slide the plate in load it into the tank close the lid and your developing process can begin 🙂

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Product details

Product type

SP-445 Adapter



Max Plate Thickness


Package includes

Bundle of two adapters


Key Features:
  • Designed to be loaded in complete darkness with an ease
  • Durable PETG plastic
  • Very Easy to Clean
  • Accepts plates ranging from 0,2 to 2mm thick
  • Max Plate Size is 100x127mm

*There are 2 adapters in a pack


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Michael St Amand
One adapter fit perfectly the other didn't fit until I modified it.

I recently purchased and received the SP-445 adapters. On my first attempted use of them I found one of the adapters worked perfectly. The other one must have been printed on a different 3D printer as it was of different dimensions. The Zebra glass plate only slid into the adapter with a large amount of pressure. I was slightly worried about breaking the plate. I think this might wear in with continued use and become easier to insert plates. The real issue was that it is wider than the other plate. The photo below shows the wider plate and was taken after I filed the edges down enough for a tight fit. It simply would not fit into my Stearman Press tank until I filed the edges down. Even now it takes much pressure to slide it into the press. They do function but the manufacture of the wider holder could have been controlled better.

Hello Michael,

I apologise for the inconvenience. One of my machines is obviously out of tune so recalibration is needed. Thank you for the heads up! I already contacted you to arrange a replacement...

I do my best to make things as perfect as possible so these kind of reviews are my worst nightmare but I take them very seriously to improve things even further!

All the best,