Zebra Rack XL for 15 Ultra Large Dry Plates/Wet Plates/Tintypes/Ambrotypes

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The Zebra Rack XL is engineered to accommodate up to 15 Ultra Large plates, whether they are tintypes, ambrotypes, or wet plates ranging from 5x7in up to 14x17in inches in size. Crafted from PETG plastic, this rack boasts exceptional strength and resistance to wear. The Zebra Drying Rack XL is also very portable is it conveniently collapses to a flat configuration, making storage and transport a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Designed for long-lasting durability
  • Constructed with cutting-edge materials and technology
  • Boasts a broad base for good stability
  • Compatible with plates from 5x7in up to 14×17 inches
  • Accommodates 15 ultralarge glass or aluminum plates
  • Features 60-degree V-grooves for optimal drying and stability
  • Collapses to compact dimensions of just 30x30x2cm when folded

For anyone involved in plate photography, the Zebra Rack is an indispensable piece of equipment!



Weight 400 g
Product type Drying Rack
Capacity Up to 15 Ultra large plates
Format 5×7 to 14x17in
Outer Dimensions
Exposures 15