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Ammonium Thiocyanate – Complexing Agent (30g)

Unlock the potential of Zebra Dry Plate Tintypes and Standard Zebra Dry Plates with the essential inclusion of Ammonium Thiocyanate to HC developer. This crucial ingredient facilitates the transformation to Direct Positive, creating captivating and striking results.

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Zebra Dry Plates




During development, Ammonium Thiocyanate together with HC Developer acts as a complexing agent, extracting silver and depositing it on the plate’s surface, resulting in a white negative that against black background renders as positive. The amount of AT must to be precisely adjusted according to the specific emulsions being used. For Zebra Dry Plate Tintypes, only 3g per 300ml is required. The size of the silver particles deposited on the surface by Ammonium Thiocyanate determines the hue in tintype positives. The temperature of the light and the developing time also play a significant role. The ideal development results in a warm milky white hue, with longer development times leading to bluer whites. The quantity of Ammonium Thiocyanate used is another important factor, with more AT resulting in smaller silver particles and cooler reflected light, while less AT produces larger particles and a warmer hue. For example, using 7g instead of 3g of Ammonium Thiocyanate in the recommended formula can yield a prussian blue hue.

* 30g of Complexing Agent is sufficient for developing about 40-50 4×5 Zebra Dry Plates (in case you need larger quantity contact us on

** Fore details and recipes check out the Zebra Dry Plate Tintype User Manual available HERE.

****For Chemical Safety Summary Datasheet click HERE.


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Bertil Lindgren
Easy use

Easy ti use and quick delivery.

Super results

Very useful ans simple to use. Clear instructions an a very nice result!

Sashko Ilov


Peter Treanor
Creating tintypes is so easy now

I read the user guide and followed the developing instructions, Zebra Dry Plates have done all the hard work and have come up with a really easy developing solution. It’s so easy to shoot and develop tintypes now, and the results are amazing. I’ve tried wet plate collodion and to get images that are comparable in style, but better in consistent quality and so easy to produce without all the messy chemicals of wet plate, is exciting. I just want to shoot more and more!