Zebra (HYPO) Fixer (250g)

Introducing Zebra Chrome Alum Hardening Agent, the ultimate solution for strengthening your photographic emulsions. Designed to enhance resilience, it’s ideal for FOMA and other silver gelatin emulsions. Simply mix with distilled water and add to your emulsion for reliable results, ensuring it withstands high temperatures and processing chemicals. Just mix with distilled water, add to your emulsion, and experience enhanced durability for your photographic creations. Elevate your workflow with Zebra Chrome Alum Hardening Agent today.

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Zebra Dry Plates






Sodium Thiosulphate is a key raw chemical used in Alternative Photographic Processes. This compound is all you need to mix a “Hypo” fixer solution.

The Zebra (HYPO) Fixer will dissolve any unexposed silver halides, making it suitable for both film and photographic paper. It is perfect for alternative printing processes such as salt prints, van dyke brown, and kallitype.

The term “Hypo” comes from its original chemical name, Hyposulphite of Soda.

Basic Mixing Formula:

  1. Add 125g of Sodium Thiosulphate to 500ml of warm water (approximately 30°C).
  2. Stir until fully dissolved.
  3. Top up the solution with additional water to make a total volume of 1L.

Note: When using Zebra (HYPO) Fixer, you will need to allow for longer fixing times compared to regular brand fixers like Ilford or Tetenal.


**For Chemical Safety Summary Data sheet click HERE.



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