FOMA Silver Gelatine Emulsion Fomaspeed N 1kg

FOMA Silver Gelatine Emulsion is not only perfect for traditional printing processes but also works great for creating/coating glass or tintype plates, making it versatile for various artistic and photographic endeavors. Its medium contrast and exceptional covering power allow for the creation of high-quality artworks with a wide range of halftones, even with a relatively high yield. With a yield of 3 to 6 square meters per kilogram of emulsion, it offers efficiency without compromising on quality.

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Product details




Medium-High Contrast



Package includes

1kg of emulsion + formaldehyde hardener




For reference:
With this 1kg bottle you will be able to coat roughly:

320-340 4x5s (3ml per plate)

180-190 5x7s (4ml per plate)

60-65 8x10s (9ml per plate)

One of its key advantages is its high speed, facilitating short exposures and enabling large-size enlargements. Moreover, when paired with most developers, it produces images with a neutral to mildly warm tone, enhancing the visual appeal of the final prints.

Another notable feature is its adaptability to different substrates such as wood, textile, glass, china, ceramics, metals, leather, stone, concrete, plaster, and more. This versatility opens up possibilities for experimentation and innovation in artistic and photographic pursuits. It comes with a Formaldehyde hardener which is primarily used for paper coating. For coating glass or tin plates we recommend you to use Zebra Chrome Alum instead as it created much better bond with smooth surfaces.

* Fore details on correct exposing and processing of this FOMA Silver Gelatine Emulsion check out the Zebra User Manuals available HERE.

**For Chemical Safety Summary Datasheet click HERE.

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