Zebra Chrome Alum Hardening Agent 50g

Introducing Zebra Chrome Alum Hardening Agent, the ultimate solution for strengthening your photographic emulsions. Designed to enhance resilience, it’s ideal for FOMA and other silver gelatin emulsions. Simply mix with distilled water and add to your emulsion for reliable results, ensuring it withstands high temperatures and processing chemicals. Just mix with distilled water, add to your emulsion, and experience enhanced durability for your photographic creations. Elevate your workflow with Zebra Chrome Alum Hardening Agent today.

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Zebra Dry Plates




Introducing the Zebra Chrome Alum Hardening Agent, your reliable solution for all your photographic requirements. This specialized agent is designed to enhance the resilience of silver gelatin emulsions, such as those used in FOMA products, by forming additional molecular bonds within the emulsion itself and with supporting materials like glass or tin. This ensures your emulsion can withstand higher temperatures and processing chemicals with ease.

In practical terms, without a hardener like Zebra Chrome Alum, silver gelatin emulsions can be susceptible to wrinkling or curling if exposed to fluctuating temperatures or certain chemicals that soften and swell the emulsion. By incorporating our hardening agent into your workflow, these concerns become a thing of the past.

The precise amount of Chrome Alum required depends on the gelatin-water ratio of your specific emulsion, necessitating a bit of experimentation with your recipe. However, a reliable starting point, suitable for most emulsions including FOMA, is as follows:

To create a 2% Chrome Alum Hardening Solution:

  • Combine 100ml of distilled water with 2g of Zebra Chrome Alum Hardening Agent.
  • Mix until the Chrome Alum is fully dissolved.
  • Add 2.5ml of this solution to every 100ml of photographic emulsion.

It’s crucial to add the Chrome Alum just before the coating process and only to the portion of emulsion you intend to coat. Once introduced, the hardening process begins, even if the emulsion is kept at a consistent temperature to remain liquid. Therefore, adjustments to the amount of Chrome Alum used may be necessary based on your emulsion and workflow requirements. With Zebra Chrome Alum, you can confidently achieve superior results in your photographic endeavors.

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