Paterson 20x25cm Developing Tray

Introducing high-quality Paterson 20x25cm developing tray, ideal for various photographic plate sizes and processes. Crafted from exceptionally stable plastic and featuring significantly reinforced corners. They are perfect for use as wash baths for 4×5 & 5×7 Dry Plates or for developing, washing, and fixing 8×10-inch Dry Plates.


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For 8x10in plates, paper or film

Chemical Process

B&W Developing, Fixing


Paterson 20x25cm Developing Trays are built to withstand chemical exposure, these trays ensure a reliable and long-lasting performance. The trays come in three attractive colors: red, white, and gray, catering to your personal preferences and needs. The Petarson 2ox25cm developing tray features a finely designed spout that doubles as a thermometer holder. It serves multiple purposes, making it ideal for developer, stop, fixer, and hypo-clear baths, as well as general usage. The tray’s bottom is thoughtfully indented, providing stability and preventing photographic materials from adhering. Crafted from a chemical-resistant material, it can withstand even 60% acetic acid.

Cleaning the Petarson developing trays is effortless, and their stackable design allows for space-saving storage. You can choose from various sizes and colors, including grey, white, and red.


If you are buying these to develop 8x10in plates we would recommend you to order 4 Paterson 20×25 developing trays in following colours:

  • WHITE for Developer to clearly see the magic of black negative slowly coming into the frame
  • RED for the first Wash.
  • GREY for the fixer since the dark colour will help you determine whether or not you have removed all unexposed silver halides that slowly transform from white to clear.
  • WHITE,RED or GREY for final wash bath since you will be turning your lights on after fixing the colour does not play a big role anymore.


Key Specifications:

  • Inside Dimensions: 26x21x6 cm
  • Outside Dimensions: 32x26x7 cm


*When ordering the trays leave us a note with the colours you would like to have. Thanks!


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Markus Hofstätter
Makes my life easier

For an upcoming project I want to be more mobile and thats where the dry plates come in. The first tests looked promising.