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Ilford Rapid Fixer (Liquid,1 Liter)

Introducing ILFORD RAPID FIXER – The Ultimate fixer for Standard Zebra Dry Plates as well as Zebra Dry Plate Tintypes!

ILFORD RAPID FIXER, the perfect fixer that guarantees unparalleled speed and efficiency. Designed to meet the needs of both manual and machine processing applications, this non-hardening and user-friendly fixer is the ultimate choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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Experience the convenience of Ilford RAPID FIXER’s liquid concentrate form, making it incredibly versatile for all your black & white film and darkroom paper fixing requirements. With just a 1-litre bottle of Ilford RAPID FIXER concentrate, you can create a substantial quantity of working strength fixer solution, capable of fixing an impressive range of materials.

Ilford RAPID FIXER efficiently fixes up to 120 x 135-36 black & white films, or an astounding 400 x 20.3×25.4cm (8x10in) resin coated (RC) prints, or even 200 x 20.3×25.4cm (8x10in) fibre-based (FB) prints.

For precise mixing instructions and fixing times, please consult the comprehensive technical data sheet accompanying the product.

Key Features:

  • Liquid concentrate film and paper rapid fixer, ensuring swift and effective results.
  • Suitable for specialist and scientific materials, expanding its utility across various applications.
  • Easy and convenient to use, eliminating unnecessary complexities from the fixing process.
  • Not compatible with hardeners, streamlining your workflow and ensuring consistent outcomes.

Don’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to fixing dry plates. Choose ILFORD RAPID FIXER, the ideal companion for rapid, reliable, and exceptional fixing results.

*For Technical & Safety Data-sheet click HERE.


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