ADOX D-76 Film Developer (to make 1L)

The Kodak “Developer-76” or D-76 is a legendary choice in photography, praised alongside Rodinal. It gained widespread recognition for photojournalistic work during WWII and the post-war era.

D-76’s universal appeal and ease of use have made it popular among photographers. It consistently delivers fine-grain images and excellent speed utilisation. Photographers will appreciate its versatility, compatibility with Zebra Dry Plates, and seamless integration with the original Kodak D-76.

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Chemical Process

Dry Plate Negative, Dry Plate Positive


To make 1L


Since its introduction in 1927, D76 has achieved global popularity as the most widely used film developer. A versatile all-rounder, it excels with almost every film, prompting the belief that manufacturers ensure their films perform well with D76. Notably, D76 and Ilford ID11 share nearly identical formulations.

ADOX’s modern adaptation, the ADOX D-76 developer, preserves the essence of the original formula while meeting contemporary demands. Noteworthy improvements include lower dissolving temperatures and dust-free mixing with Captura® technology. The environmentally conscious ADOX D-76 replaces borates with a non-toxic biodegradable buffer. Manufactured in Germany, it undergoes rigorous research and quality control, available in 1L pack.

In conclusion, the ADOX D-76 pays tribute to the iconic D-76, offering advanced features, eco-friendliness, and exceptional performance with various films and Zebra Dry Plates.


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