Zebra 9×12 PlateSafe – Archive & Storage Box for Plates

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Introducing the Zebra 9×12 PlateSafe Archive Storage Box – your ultimate solution for plate preservation. Crafted using cutting-edge 3D printing and durable PETG, this box offers advanced protection against breakage, moisture, and light for both glass and tin plates. Its versatile design accommodates 20 full-sized 9×12 plates as well as smaller Zebra Dry Plates. Stackable and space-efficient, with a silica gel compartment for humidity control, each box features a label area for easy identification. Elevate your plate storage with Zebra 9×12 PlateSafe.

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Introducing the Zebra 9×12 PlateSafe, Archive Storage Box to keep your Plates protected for years to come. Whether you are a Dry or Wet Plate shooter, whether you work with glass or tin plates this Archive box got you covered. 

Key Features:

  • Advanced Protection: Crafted from durable PETG using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, this box provides maximum protection against breakage, moisture, and light, ensuring good archival conditions for your precious plates.
  • Versatile Design: Perfect fit for 20 for full-sized 9×12 plates as well as slightly smaller Zebra Dry Plates, the snug fit prevents scratching, while the compact dimensions save shelf space.
  • Attention for Details: All the edges are rounded smooth so the chance of scratching the plates is minimized. Box also features the built-in space for silica gels at the very bottom regulates humidity for added protection.
  • Efficient Storage: Stackable and efficient, our design lets you organize your collection conveniently.
  • Easy Identification: Each box features a label area, so you can effortlessly find the right plate whenever you need it.

MAXIMUM PLATE SIZE: 90x120mm or 3.54x4.72in


Preserve your photographic plates with the Zebra 9×12 PlateSafe. Experience the ultimate blend of advanced technology and thoughtful design, keeping your plates safe, accessible, and ready for your creative endeavors.

Weight 400 g
Format 9×12 Plates
Capacity 20 plates