Zebra A4 (8x10in) Contact Printing Frame

Discover the perfect blend of durability and precision with the Zebra A4 (8X10in) Contact Printing Frame. Made from high UV and temperature-resistant PETG material, this frame is built to last. Its traditional split back system, felt damper, and dual stainless steel springs ensure sharp, precise prints.

User-friendly notches on both sides allow easy lifting without flipping the frame. Slightly oversized, it fits full A4/8X10in papers for edge-to-edge exposure, ideal for professional results. Perfect for alternative printing processes, many of which are available in our store, this frame is a must-have for photographers, artists, and hobbyists. Elevate your printing with the Zebra A4 (8X10in) Contact Printing Frame. 


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Product details



Maximum Paper Size

310.5 x 223.5 mm = 12.22 x 8.8 inches

Maximum Negative Thickness



Key Features


  • Durable and Reliable for All Your Printing Needs

The Zebra Contact Printing Frame is expertly crafted to endure the test of time, ensuring superior performance for all your printing projects. The main frame, along with the back boards, is constructed from high UV and temperature-resistant PETG material, providing exceptional durability and resilience.

  • Precision and Sharpness

Featuring a traditional split back system, the Zebra Contact Printing Frame is designed with precision in mind. The felt damper and dual stainless steel springs deliver optimal contact, ensuring sharp, clear prints every time. The pressure in the springs is meticulously calibrated to accommodate a variety of materials, from thin films to thicker glass plates, botanicals, or other objects.

  • Convenient Design

The Zebra A5 (5X7in) Contact Printing Frame is engineered for ease of use, featuring a notch on both sides. This thoughtful addition allows you to lift the back with a finger, eliminating the need to turn the frame upside down or make any other adjustments.

  • Perfect for Full-Sized Papers

Designed to be slightly oversized, the Zebra Contact Printing Frame allows for the exposure of full A4/8X10in papers without any borders whatsoever. This ensures you can achieve edge-to-edge printing, making it ideal for high-quality, professional projects.

  • Versatility at Its Best

Whether you’re working with delicate films or more substantial materials, the Zebra A4 (8X10in) Contact Printing Frame adapts to your needs with ease. Its robust design and high-quality components make it a versatile tool for photographers, artists, and hobbyists alike.

  • Ideal for Alternative Processes

The Zebra A4 (8X10in) Contact Printing Frame is the perfect companion for alternative printing processes, many of which are also offered in our store. Its flexibility and reliability make it an essential tool for exploring and mastering various printing techniques.

Invest in the Zebra Contact Printing Frame for a reliable, high-performing solution that enhances the quality and precision of your printing projects.

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