Zebra 4×5 Dry Plate Tintypes

Experience the magic of Zebra 4×5 Dry Plate Tintypes – Thin Black Aluminium Plates coated in ultra-fine grain Silver Gelatine emulsion, exclusively sensitive to UV and blue light with a nominal ISO 2 sensitivity. Meticulously handcrafted and inspected for maximum quality, each plate promises a beautiful and one-of-a-kind direct positive result like with Wet Plate technique but with great advantages. The box includes 10 Zebra 4×5 Tintype Plates, accompanied by easy-to-follow developing instructions, ensuring an elevated and uniquely artistic photographic experience.

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Important notice

By 6.7.2022 all Zebra Dry Plates are coated with NEW more resilient Emulsion to prevent wrinkling and emulsion lift offs! 

Shipping and returns

We are shipping worldwide through DHL Express and National Post, ensuring fast & tracked shipping.

We focus on safely shipping glass plates worldwide. Our reliable packing system has sent out thousands without any breaks. For any rare instances of damage, contact us for swift replacement 😉

Processing time

Hand coated to order (Processing time 2-3 days)

Product details

Product type

Zebra Dry Plate Tintype



Exact Plate Size


Film Base

0.6mm black aluminium




Medium-High Contrast




How the positive is achieved?

Normal processing for Zebra Dry Plates results in a black negative but since with Zebra Tintypes emulsion is coated on black surface a special developer mixture is needed. Your goal is to make the negative white and you can achieve that by adding Ammonium Thiocyanate to the preferred developer (they are listed in our Developing Charts).


*More info on how to use these Dry Plate Tintypes can be found HERE

**DEVELOPING CHART for Zebra Dry Plate Tintypes is available right HERE.

***Exciting news! We have expanded our product range at Darkroom Chemistry to include Ammonium Thiocyanate in our store which can be ordered right HERE.

Want to learn more?


Dive deeper into the art of Dry Plate Tintype photography with our resources designed to enhance your creative journey. Explore the technique through video on the left, showing and explaining how Zebra Dry Plate Tintypes work. Underneeth, discover a wealth of knowledge with our comprehensive user manual and developing charts. Unleash your creativity by immersing yourself in the finer details, mastering the craft through visual guidance, and unlocking the full potential of your photographic endeavors. Elevate your skills and create with confidence.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

I have received my package from Zebra recently. I have not yet made any experiments with my dry plates or tin types but I want to highlight how well packaged and amazingly organized and explained everything is. I have a lot of confidence on these as the process is very well thought out. Thanks for this efforts on maintaining beautiful processes alive!

Em Daugherty
Great Product and Shipping Time!

I have been using Zebra Dry Plates for about a year now and they have been my go to dry plates for tintypes. Easy to shoot and awesome results. I haven't gotten my hands on wet plate process yet, and this had been the perfect stepping stone in that direction to get myself comfortable shooting with plates. Thanks for making these so accessible, Nejc!

Peter Treanor
Love these tintypes

Fantastic dry plates, easy to use and great results.

Sarmad Almouallem
Tintype dry plates

Great plates, you might need to shave the edges a little bit to make it fit your regular 4x5 film holders otherwise...great job on sensitizing and packaging the product ,plus the website is amazing easy to navigate and so informative, pretty generous sharing knowledge and information..
Highly recommended


Great product!!! Highly recommend!