Zebra 4×5 Dry Plate Tintypes


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Zebra 4×5 Dry Plate Tintypes are Thin Black Aluminium Plates coated with ultra fine grain Silver Gelatine emulsion that is sensitive only to UV and blue light with nominal sensitivity of ISO 2. They deliver an impressive positive image with the finest grain quality at extreme resolution. Overall they are very similar to a more well known Wet Plate version with a few advantages. Because they are coated with Silver Gelatine emulsion which is then dried, plates can be used for months and developed whenever you desire just like with Standard Dry Plates. No need for rushing and portable darkrooms. They can be loaded into Zebra Wet Plate Holders straight away as well as in Zebra Dual Dry Plate Holder together with this adapter to lift the focal plane.

Plates are completely hand made so each one of them is inspected a few times thru the process to assure maximum quality! Check description below for developing instructions.

In the box there are 10 Zebra 4×5 Tintype Plates together with easy to follow developing instructions.



How the positive is achieved?

Normal processing for Zebra Dry Plates results in a black negative but since with Zebra Tintypes emulsion is coated on black surface a special developer mixture is needed. Your goal is to make the negative white and you can achieve that by adding Ammonium Thiocyanate to the standard zebra developer (Kodak HC-110). Exact recipe goes like this:

  • Mix 4ml of Kodak HC-110 into 300ml of water and then add in 3g of Ammonium Thiocyanate

More info on how to use these Dry Plate Tintypes can be found HERE

Weight 450 g
Product type Zebra Dry Plate Tintype
Format 4×5" (100x126mm)
Speed (ISO) 2
Grade Medium-High Contrast
Exposures 10
Film base 0.6mm black aluminium

Customer Reviews

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Oskar Laskowski
Great product!

Love it! I made all the possible mistakes with the first shot (shutter speed too long, the model in motion, mixing up the sides of the holder to get unintentional double exposure, light accidently turned on during development for a few seconds), but it is still pure magic. Development process actually seems much easier then I expected. I cannot wait to shoot more! :-)

carl valle

they look nice - i haven't developed any yet i don't have the ammonium whatever - i have it on order

Richard Vallon Jr.
Please submit review again in a week or so

I’ve only gotten to try the glass plates so far. The tintypes are loaded in the holder….ready to shoot

Great !!!

Amazing products and great communication ! Nejc is a very dedicated and helpful person ! We are lucky to have him in the photographic experimental field !! Thank you so much Nejc!

Holger Drallmeyer
Very well made product

Love these. First plates out of the gate came out great. Repeatable and predictable results. The emulsion is clean and even. Developing is easier than glass plated IMO. Will order again!

Thank you Holger. Glad you are enjoying these!