Zebra Standard 3A Dry Plates

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★★★ By 6.7.2022 all Zebra Dry Plates are coated with NEW more resilient Emulsion! ★★★


Standard Zebra 3A/Postcard Glass Dry Plates are coated with ultra fine grain silver gelatine emulsion that is sensitive only to UV and blue light with nominal sensitivity of ISO 2. They deliver impressive image results with finest grain quality at extreme resolution. Contrast of the plates is moderate to high making them ideal for further use with alternative printing processes. However despite the high contrast there is less separation in the shadows meaning they can also be scanned and digitalised with great results. Plates are completely hand made so each one of them is inspected a few times thru the process to assure maximum quality!

In the box there are 10 Standard 3A/Postcard Zebra glass Dry Plates together with easy to follow developing instructions. DEVELOPING CHART for Standard Zebra Glass Dry Plates is available right HERE.


Weight 900 g
Product type Black & White
Format 3A/Postcard Format (82x139mm)
Speed (ISO) 2
Grade Medium-High Contrast
Exposures 10
Film base 2mm glass