Zebra 8X10 Dual Glass Dry Plate Holder V2

Our New Zebra 8×10 Dual Dry Plate Holder V2 takes plate photography to new heights. Crafted based on your feedback, it’s now even more compact and super lightweight. With superior durability and a convenient spring loading system, it effortlessly accommodates various plate thicknesses and maximizes your exposure area. Your perfect partner for Zebra Glass & Zebra Tintype Dry Plates.

Zebra 8×10 Dual Dry Plate Holder V2 is definitely a testament to our commitment to excellence. For all the details, check the product description. 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to craft memories together!

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Product details

Product type

Dry Plate Holder



Plate Size

Full 8x10in Plate (203x254mm)

Max. Plate Size

Full sized 8x10in plate

Max Plate Thickness



2 plates

Outer dimensions

314x236x21mm (Length x Width x Thickness)



  • Completely new loading system without a flap? The Zebra 8×10 Dry Plate Holder V2 features a cutting-edge loading system that eliminates the need for flaps. Instead of flaps, it employs a unique mechanism for seamless plate insertion and removal.
  • Effortless Plate Insertion: To insert a plate, simply push one edge of the plate into the top ledge, compressing the spring. Once the plate is pushed inward and the pressure on the spring is released, the plate smoothly settles into its optimal position, requiring minimal effort on the operator’s part.
  • Easy Plate Removal: Removing an exposed plate is just as straightforward. By pressing the edge of the plate against the bottom recess and lifting it with a finger, the plate easily slides out, ensuring a hassle-free process.
  •  Enhanced Exposure Area: The new loading system permits the plate to be held at its ends only, allowing the entire width of the plate to be exposed. This design improvement increases the image area by up to 5% compared to the previous version (V1).
  • Ultra Lightweight and Compact Design: This Zebra 8×10 Dry Plate Holder V2 is renowned for its lightweight construction, making it one of the lightest options available on the market (600g). It incorporates carbon fiber dark slides that exhibit minimal flex and do not sag. Its compact design provides comprehensive protection for the plate and slider from all angles.
  • Exposure Indicators: The holder includes exposed and unexposed indicators on both the body and the slider, ensuring a reduction in failed exposures.
  • ANSI Standards Compatibility: Built in accordance with ANSI standards, this holder is designed to fit most 8×10 cameras, featuring external dimensions of 314x236x21mm (Length x Width x Thickness).
  • Versatile Plate Compatibility: The Zebra 8×10 Dry Plate Holder V2 accommodates a range of plate types, including glass plates, tin plates, and film. Thanks to the innovative spring loading system, plates are consistently positioned in the ideal focal plane, regardless of their thickness, which can range from 0.2 to 2mm.
  • Film Compatibility (Coming Soon): With a special FILM carrier soon to be available, you’ll be able to load two sheets of photographic film for added versatility.
  • Plate Size: The ideal plate size for this holder is 201x251mm, with a maximum plate size of 204x254mm (true 8x10in plate), making it suitable for true 8×10 inch plates as well.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chad Hill
8x10 dry plate holder: 👍👍

The dry plate holder with tintype adaptor is great!! I’ve shot the zebra tintypes at 5x7 and 4x5 with great success and am now excited to shoot 8x10, too!

Xavi Toral

Zebra 8X10 Dual Glass Dry Plate Holder

Danny Keogh
Zebra 8X10 Dual Glass Dry Plate Holder

Purchased this around 3 weeks ago, the holder is well made, solid construction and fits my Sinar really well. I haven’t had chance to load the holder with photographic plates just yet - but blank plates have worked really well and the dark slides work very well. Very happy with my purchase from Zebra. Highly recommended:)