Zebra 10×12 Wet Plate Holder V2

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Meet the Zebra 10×12 Wet Plate Holder V2, the ideal partner for the latest Primer 10×12 Camera. With precision and innovation at its core, this holder features a magnetic back and reduction frames for effortless use. Tailored for photographers who value the art of plate photography, its seamless compatibility with the Primer 10×12 Camera ensures a perfect fit, letting you make the most of the entire image area!

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It’s time to take Zebra Wet Plate Holder to another level so let us present the Zebra 10×12 Wet Plate Holder V2 which is full of new features and improvements based on your feedback. It is a Modern take on Traditional Wet plate holders with an ultra light compact design and super convenient magnetic back loading system. Unlike Zebra Dry Plate holders this one features a back loading system which is perfect for shooting Wet Plates, Tintypes, Ambrotypes… 

If you would like to get a better feel of how the holder looks like and what functionalities it offers you are welcome to check out this Overview >VIDEO


Magnetic Back Loading System

  • Magnetic back loading system enables super simple handling!
  • Magnets are now hidden and glued in with epoxy to completely protect them from corosion by AgNO3
  • One handed loading & unloading even in complete darkness
  • Super simple to Clean with water or isopropyl alcohol

Ultra Light Weight & Compact Design

  • The lightest Wet Plate Holder on the market (only 910g)!
  • Carbon fibre darkslides that have much less flex and do not sag
  • Compact design that protects the slider from breaking
  • Exposed / Unexposed Indicators on the body and the slider to prevent failed exposures
  • Built following a new standard to assure perfect fit with Primer 10×12 Cameras

Adjustable Magnetic Springs

  • Now the springs are magnetic as well!
  • You can add more or use less depending of your plate size and thickness!
  • You can reposition them to different slots on the lid and apply the pressure right where needed which is super useful especialy if using reduction frames
  • They are easily replaceable in case of accident

Panoramic, Square, Round, Thick or Thin the choice is yours!

  • With the new frame, holder now accepts both US & EU standard size 10×12 plates
  • This new V2 holder is fully customisable with standard size reduction frames
  • It accepts plates ranging from 0,3 to 3mm thick
  • Min plate size: 251x301mm
  • Max plate size: 254x304mm (true 10x12in plate)


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Weight 1500 g
Product type Wet Plate Holder
Max. Plate Thickness 3mm
Exposures 1