5×7 Tintype Adapter for Zebra 5×7 Dual Plate Holder V1

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Having a special piece of equipment for each type of photographic material is very inconvenient end expensive. This is why I have decided to make Zebra 5×7 Dual Plate Holders as versatile as possible. They where primarily designed to hold up to 2mm thick plates but my quest is to try and constantly improve their design and add new features. So let me present to you a Zebra 5×7 Tintype Adapter that barely adds up any weight and it is very simple to use. When you would like to shoot some Zebra Dry Plate Tintypes you simply take the adapter slide it in the holder to lift the focal plane, insert the Tintype Plate and voila now you have a Zebra 5×7 Tintype Holder.

Adapters are made from the same HTPLA material as the holders making them very light weight and durable!

* In the pack you get two 5×7 adapters one for each side