ILFORD ID-11 (to make 1L)

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The Kodak “Developer-76” or D-76 is a legendary choice in photography, praised alongside Rodinal. It gained widespread recognition for photojournalistic work during WWII and the post-war era.

D-76’s universal appeal and ease of use have made it popular among photographers. It consistently delivers fine-grain images and excellent speed utilisation. Photographers will appreciate its versatility, compatibility with Zebra Dry Plates, and seamless integration with the original Kodak D-76.

The package contains powdered ingredients to prepare a 1-liter stock solution. Furthermore, you have the option to dilute it further, either at a 1+1 or 1+2 ratio.

One notable distinction from D76 is that ID11 is supplied as two distinct components, offering the advantage of an extended shelf life.

Each package contains enough developer to process a total of 10 films.


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Weight 200 g
Chemical Process Film Developer
Quantity to make 1L of developer