Foma Fomatol LQN Developer

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Foma Fomatol LQN stands as a robust liquid concentrate black and white paper developer (containing phenidone), suitable for both manual tray and machine processing. It is a perfect choice for developing Standard Zebra Dry Plates as well as Zebra Dry Plate Tintypes!!!

When manually processed, it requires a dilution ratio of 1:7, while machine processing necessitates a 1:4 dilution.  With Zebra Plate stronger dilution has to be used 1:59. A single liter of the prepared solution at a 1:7 dilution can effectively develop 1.5 square meters of photo paper (equivalent to 30 sheets sized 8×10″ or 20.3 x 25.4 cm) with a baryta base, or 3.0 square meters (equivalent to 58 sheets sized 8 x 10″ or 20.3 x 25.4 cm) when using resin-coated paper (RC).

Fomatol LQN imparts a slightly warmer tone to the images and shares similarities with Kodak Polymax T Paper Developer. For optimal results, pair LQN with Fomaspeed RC and Fomabrom FB photographic papers.


*For Technical & Safety Data-sheet click HERE.

** DEVELOPING CHART for Standard Zebra Glass Dry Plates is available right HERE **



Weight 300 g
Brand FOMA
Chemical Process Film Developer
Quantity 250ml concentrate