Eco Zonefix (to make 1l)

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Discover the Eco Zonefix from Zone Imaging: a powder-based, eco-friendly, odourless, alkaline fixer. When diluted with water, it forms a convenient one-litre stock solution for instant use. This non-hardening fixer provides rapid and efficient fixing while minimizing environmental impact.

Eco Zonefix by Zone Imaging offers optimal fixing for film, RC, & FB papers as well as Standard Zebra Glass Plates, ensuring fast washing times with both conventional and staining developers. With a long shelf life and high capacity, it is compatible with various tap water hardness levels, up to 500ppm.

Fixer is sodium thiosulphate-based and stands out for being free from borate derivatives, non-biodegradable DPTA and EDTA, phosphates, acetic acid, as well as known carcinogens and mutagens. This makes it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Experience a pleasant working environment in the darkroom with our fixer’s minimal odor. Its slightly alkaline nature protects film from over-fixing and allows for fast washing without the need for hypo-clear. Say goodbye to an acidic stop bath, as a water stop is sufficient, reducing the need for additional chemicals.

The non-hardening formula of our fixer enables easier bleaching and toning during printing. Additionally, we have formulated and packaged the powder to minimize dust and ensure user-friendly pouring, meeting standards for educational institutions. Discover the convenience and eco-friendliness of Zone Imaging Eco Zonefix today.


Eco Zonefix Mixing Instructions:

  1. In a measuring container, prepare approximately 700ml (23.6 fluid ounces) of warm water around 30°C +-3°C (86°F +-5°F).
  2. Gradually pour Part A into the water while stirring continuously. It should dissolve in about 30-45 seconds.
  3. Slowly add Part B to the solution.
  4. Add warm water to reach a total volume of 1 liter (33.8 fluid ounces).
  5. Keep stirring until all the powder is completely dissolved, which should take around 60-90 seconds. The final solution temperature will be approximately 20°C +-2°C (68°F +-4°F), indicating that it is ready for use.


* For Eco Zonefix Technical Data Sheet click HERE.

** Eco Zonefix Safety Data Sheet: Part A, Part B

Weight 400 g
Brand Zone Imaging
Chemical Process Fixer for B&W materials
Quantity To make 1000ml